Vintage cookbooks are one of my favorite things. ;-) I can't get it to scan in the song... but, none the less, it is true! Jeffrey, Mom, and I just got back from an afternoon roaming the local flea markets and I scored some GREAT finds. While normally I HATE books that have been written in, I hold cookbooks to a different standard. I love cookbooks that are signed, I like it even more when they have a personal note and were given as a gift. I get REALLY happy when the owner has written comments in the margins... the more the better... and, oh, swoon... if the owner has added her (or his) own recipes in the blank pages... that is the BEST! Today I hit several good nests of interesting cookbooks in the $1-2 range. I'll share them in later posts. One of the great finds this afternoon was a small hardback book entitled: *Herradura Tropical Cookbook*. Herradura is identified as *The American Town in Cuba* and the cookbook was prepared by the Ladies Club of Herradura. Part of the purpose of the book was to help Americans adjust to living in Cuba. The first pages are titled *Hints on What to Bring to Cuba* and the pages following that identify the various tropical fruits, vegetables, and foods which would be unfamiliar to an AMerican newly arrived on Cuba's shores. Rest assured, MANY of the items mentioned were unfamiliar to me also! In the front and back of the book are ads for local businesses. There isn't a date, but whenever it was printed pre-revolution, it was a pricey $1.50. While there isn't a name on the flyleaf, the owner paperclipped several small notes to the pages. One of the cooler ones refers to a Cornmeal Muffin recipe and says *These cornmeal muffins sound easy for quick morning use and worth trying. Save egg for the egg dealer.* Interestingly, the recipe doesn't use eggs and is prepared the night before, then baked the following morning. The index is arranged alphabetically by fruits and vegetables... It looks like it will be a fun read! At a quick glance I see: Lemon and Banana Sandwiches, Green Tomato Mince Pie, Battle Creek Vegetarian Roast, and a lot of other fascinating recipes. This was back before cooking temperatures and times were listed, so reproducing them may be quite a challenge... and many of the ingredients look to be well nigh impossible to find in Richmond, KY! I report on more of my recent cookbook finds in upcoming posts. Tink *When I dream, I cook and bake like an artist…*

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