This is my first blog, and my first time using WordPress. All things considered, it has gone rather smoothly. ;-) Being a designer, I knew what I wanted but I didn’t have the skills to design my own. All in all, though, I’m pretty happy with what I ended up using. (Designers can be very difficult about things when they *KNOW* what they want. The two worst are shopping with a designer for either shoes or a couch. Go figure!) Now that I have *The Armchair Chef* up and running, it is like I have moved into a new apartment or office and I’m rearranging the furniture and hanging pictures! I just realized last night (as I was falling asleep) that the green background here is very close to color I have picked out for the Front Hall in our house, to set off the Raspberry Rush walls in the Living Room. Our house is 100 yrs old with beautiful, strong, dark woodwork and the wall colors have to have enough visual punch to stand up to the trim. In between wall painting (we paint fairly often) the walls are often a white basecoat and everything looks AWFUL for those couple of days. On the other hand, it gets us motivated to finish the job, if only to hide the ugly white! On the Cooking and Baking front, I dug out my elderly bread machine last week. He is about 13 years old, with the glass dome top and is, of course, nicknamed R2D2. We have very little counter space in our *challenging* kitchen, but he fits in the corner very nicely. I have been making French Bread and we have all been enjoying it very much. We are down to the last slice or two so I’m going to start a fresh batch in the next hour or so. I’ll share the recipe in a later post… but now I have to get back to working on *Monogram Mayhem.* Tink *When I dream, I cook and bake like an artist…*

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