About a month ago, I suddenly decided I needed to get back to my love of Baking and Cooking. My Mom has been here for a long visit and we have had some wonderful talks. The subject of cookbooks came up and I shared the fact that I used to enjoy reading cookbooks. I have a lot of dietary restrictions but I never let that stop me from reading about wonderful things, even if I couldn’t eat them! Mom told me that my grandmother Aine, (a published poet, btw) also loved to read cookbooks! As we talked further, I mentioned that I had Aine’s copy of *The Joy of Cooking*. This all seemed to rekindle my interest… Jeffrey was kind enough to climb up into the attic and bring down the boxes of cookbooks he had stored there. I am really enjoying renewing friendships with my old favorites. On the weekends, Jeffrey, Mom, and I have been visiting flea markets and antique shops and I have started buying more old cookbooks. One of last week’s scores was a cookbook about Microwave Baking! I haven’t had time to really sit down and read it, but at a cursory glance it seemd comprehensive and VERY interesting. I am quite intrigued about this and will report back as I get it read and will give details if I try any of the recipes! In my other life as a Needlework Designer, I am quite busy working on my new book, *Monogram Mayhem & More for Needlework - How to Design with Alphabets and Wordforms*. It is going well and I’m getting pretty excited about it! It will make its debut at the TNNA Indianapolis Trade Show in June, so I need buckle down! Tink *When I dream, I cook and bake like an artist…* PS - If anyone is wondering about the date changes, I deleted the blog when I had about six posts so I could make some technical changes. I then reinstalled The Armchair Chef and reposted the posts. Ya gotta LOVE technology!

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