…and yes, this is baking related! Late the other night (my typical shopping time) I was at the store in the Baking Aisle. I needed yeast. Typically, I purchase Fleischmann’s mainly because it is what I’ve always used. Yes, I am in a rut, but this decision hardly seems worth debating… or does it? Fleischmann’s is kind enough to include a recipe on the back of their packaging, so I took a quick look. The recipe on the packages was the same one that is sitting on my desk, waiting to be put into my computer. OK… I expected that… I then checked all of the packages in the box…again, the same recipe and again what I expected, since clearly it is the efficient way to handle things. Then I thought I’d check the Red Star Yeast (a brand I haven’t used). Yep, there is a recipe on the back of the package. I thought I would just quickly ascertain that the recipes are all the same… but wait! There are DIFFERENT recipes on different packages in the SAME box! YIKES! Well, of course I took a moment to look thru and pick and choose which recipes I wanted, and yes, I DID buy Red Star Yeast this time! One of the recipes I am looking forward to trying out is a recipe for Batter Bread. I’ve never made it, so I’ll be sure and report back here! Mom and I are going to be having lunch shortly. We are having Soup in Hand Cream of Broccoli (boring but fast to fix) and, to add a little excitement *smile*, we are also having slices of my newest experiment. I took my basic bread machine French Bread recipe and added Parmesan Cheese and Italian Seasoning. It didn’t rise quite as much as the regular French Bread but the texture and flavor are great. I’ll share the recipe a bit later on… once I have the hang of this blogging software! Tink *When I dream, I cook and bake like an artist…*

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