I have been humming Christmas Carols all morning while working in the kitchen. ;-) I was making my first attempt at a low carb, no trans fat home made version of Bisquick... using Carbalose Flour. It works like wheat flour but with 80% less carbs! Yippee! I am baking the first recipe using my home made mix and will report back after further testing... I am QUITE hopeful! Meanwhile, I am hoping to have some fun recipes for the Holidays to share with everybody. I was talking with my friend, Kay Mackenzie of *Quilt Puppy Designs* http://www.quiltpuppy.com who is one of my partners in crime with this project. *VeryBigGrin* She shared a wonderful story from her DH (Dear Husband)'s childhood... It seems that his mother would bake 17 different kinds of cookies for the Holidays (a tradition which Kay has continued... needless to say, I am already angling for a care package from her this year!) Back to Kay's husband... apparently the Christmas cookies were a good news, bad news kind of thing! The Good News was that they had 17 different kinds of cookies for the holidays... the Bad News was that he was the one who had to deliver the big plates of cookies to all of the neighbors! LOLOL I can just see a small, reluctant boy dragging his feet down the street with a big plate of cookies! On a personal note, I am slowly recovering from the mass of work AND computer crashes that seemed to take over my life the last couple of months, so I will be back in the kitchen and posting ne here, once again! Tink *When I dream, I cook and bake like an artist…*
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