My Mom has been visiting with me for about four months, after a long spell where we saw each other infrequently. I work here at home and (please, don’t tell her) when she isn’t here, lunch consists of a *sammich* in front of the computer. Now that she is here, I actually take a break and we eat lunch togther and visit. We have been reminiscing about wonderful food experiences and I have termed the phrase *Defining Gastronomic Moments* or DGMs. Peanut butter has always been a family favorite and I was amused to realize that BOTH my Mom and Dad had DGMs related to Peanut Butter in college. Daddy had apparently lead a sheltered life gastronomically and didn’t have his first PB&J until grad school (Ok, so I was exaggerating slightly when I said they both had PB DGMs in college… think of it as literary license!). He was at Harvard Business School and his first Peanut Butter and Jelly was a revelation. I remember that Mom ALWAYS kept the makings for PB and Js on hand, and he made them frequently! Mom’s Peanut Butter DGM was in college. Her college, Pennsylvania College for Women, now Chatham, offered late night snacks during exam time. (How civilized is that!?!) She ordered a Grilled Cheese sandwich and the cook offered to add Peanut Butter for an additional dime. I don’t think Mom has had a Grilled Cheese sandwich without Peanut Butter since then! In the winter, when I was growing up, our typical Saturday Morning lunch was a Grilled Cheese and Peanut Buttter, with a side of Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream… oh, bliss… If you haven’t ever had a Grilled Cheese and Peanut Buttter, there is one great trick. A thin layer of Peanut Butter on both slices of bread is the best way to go because: 1) it holds the sammich together nicely 2) the peanut butter melts and drips if you put it on too thick. For some reason, two thin layers seems to work a bit better. And don’t forget the Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream, one of my personal DGMs which I will share at a later date! Tink *When I dream, I cook and bake like an artist…*

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