In case you were wondering, my Needlework and Quilting friends and I do discuss and share recipes... almost as much as we discuss Needlework and Quilting. I enjoy the *FUN* cooking and baking that I do because I don't have to worry about *Being professional*. If I want to take shortcuts, I can... and there are no repercussions.

In my Needlework and Quilting, as a professional, I need to uphold professional standards. In Needlework, this may mean that the backs of my stitching is so neat that they can be accidentally framed, back out (and yes, that actually happened once! LOL)

I think that my friend, punchneedle designer Janet Wagner of A Slice of Heritage, feels the same way. She has the honor to be chosen to join the distinguished group of 200 craftsmen who comprise both the juried 2005 and 2006 Directory of Traditional American Crafts® published for the 21st year by Early American Life Magazine., but in the kitchen, she is *Just Janet*! HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN Death By Chocolate
Another recipe from my fellow designer, Janet Wagner, of A Slice of Heritage.A heavenly treat…tons of fun for Halloween…but no one refuses this any time of the year!
Chocolate cake, already baked 4 cups prepared chocolate pudding 16 oz CoolWhip Brand Whipped Topping 6 Heath bars ½ cup Kahlua 9” square pan
Step by Step
1) Cube cake 2) Pour Kahlua over cake 3) Pour pudding on top 4) Crush 3 Heath bars and sprinkle over pudding. 5) Cover with CoolWhip Brand Whipped Topping 6) Sprinkle 3 more crushed Heath bars on top. Refrigerate. 7) Serve and Enjoy!
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